The Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence, Inc. closed in December 2018 

BUT our activities continue


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Preventing Sexual Assaults is too important for the effort to stop

We are gifting our work to the public domain


Violence Prevention Apps


Sexual assault prevention activities

ISCE and its associated partners spent three years from 2015 to 2018 articulating the concept that when it comes to sexual assault, domestic violence, and bullying awareness and education are NOT enough. We created a series of mobile apps whose goal was prevention. To-date those apps have not been widely adopted, and with the closure of ISCE there is no present funding for their continued operation. The board of ISCE decided to place this intellectual property into the public domain so that some other group or organization can pick up where we left off.

To learn more about the apps please visit

To learn more about what needs to be done to make the apps an effective prevention tool please visit: PREVENTION -- Next Steps

Library and search

Discovering relevant information.

EPI-Search helps you find documents that are highly relevant to your topic of interest. You simply enter the full text of a source that is representative of your topic of interest. Enter notes or a draft document in the search box. The results display related sources from our library and the Web.

The ISCE Library

The ISCE Library comprises around 8000 books that have been read, skimmed, quoted, etc. over the past 10 years by key full-time I.S.C.E. staff in their explorations. The idea is to explore from many different directions. We found that the greatest understanding often comes from sources one might least expect.

The full text versions are only available to library members who will need to check out each book for viewing in 2 hour increments -- much like a regular library's reserve room. No books are available for download or printing.

Our goal with the library is to give the user an Internet version of serendipitously browsing in a library stacks. To do so, we provide several tools to help you find items which are "more like this" -- where "this" is the focus of your query.

The ISCE Library and Epi-Search are now sponsored by (the dba name of the Michael R. Lissack Foundation) and the American Society for Cybernetics