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Emergence: Complexity & Organization (E:CO) is an international and interdisciplinary conversation about human organizations as complex systems and the implications of complexity science for those organizations. With a unique format blending the integrity of academic inquiry and the impact of business practice, E:CO integrates multiple perspectives in management theory, research, practice and education. E:CO is a quarterly journal published in print and online by Emergent Publications Inc. and sponsored by The Complexity Society, the Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence, and Cognitive Edge.  E:CO is published in accordance with academic publishing standards and processes. ISSN: 1521-3250 eISSN: 1532-7000 More

Books by Emergent Publications

Emergent Publications publishes works on complex systems and social complexity theory sponsored by ISCE and by ISCE fellows.

ISCE Book Series
Emergent Publications and Informatiion Age Publishing sponsor a continuing series of complexity books known as the ISCE book series -- Managing the Complex. 

ISCE Series

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